• Tarot Card: Ten of Wands
  • Planet: Sun
  • Catchphrases: Responsibility, Burden, Final Push
  • Assertion: My inward light consumes all hindrances in my way.

Leap to: 

  • Which means: General – Love – Career – Health
  • The course of events: Past – Present – Future
  • Other: Reversed


Representing the direct clash of resolution and a lot of duty, Ten of Wands reminds us precisely the amount we can take and how we can deal with arriving at our objectives throughout everyday life. The card appears troubling, troublesome, dull, and oppressive. However, it shows the excellent culmination of current circumstances and helps us to remember our actual solidarity to suffering through any test. It is a card of genuine blazing strength, choices unchangeable, and astrology zodiac sign  objectives that require every one of our assets put into them if we wish to succeed. There is no trade-off here and no space to alter our perspective. While it might seem like a karmic obligation we reimburse, it is indeed the unadulterated result of our behaviour and choices we decided to make en route, again and again. The strength of will is going to push us through, and we ought to be pleased with ourselves instead of feeling troubled, dim, and discouraged, yet we will require time to recuperate and mend after we have done what we decide to do.


This is a normal card to show weights of wedded life when all that appears to self-destruct, yet the solid force of affection and common regard holds us together. Ten of Wands is by and large a partner to long haul connections. However, it very well may be the sign that we are conveying the heaviness of duty regarding the whole relationship on our shoulders as opposed to offering it to an accomplice. When somebody is single, this card discusses troubles to associate with another because of inside measures that should be gathered together first. Regardless of the guidance and remarks from our environmental factors, we should give ourselves as much time as essential to see a part of our life through so we can relate in unadulterated and euphoric manners.


Significant standards and yearnings pulled an individual this far, and with the Ten of Wands set in a lifelong perusing, this is unquestionably not an opportunity to surrender. While the feeling of individual flexibility may be undermined foolishly, it is as yet accomplished for a lot more elevated level of opportunity later on, and the individual with this setting should be helped to remember their own more significant standards. Inspiration is missing, and such many obligations influence one’s physiology as the end draws near. This card is the outcome of activities made before and the last test of the Sun where our determination is tried.


The degree of stress pushes one in advance with the Ten of Wands remaining in any position identifying with wellbeing, and afflicting the stomach is practically inescapable with this measure of stuff on our shoulders. Enormous obligations are going to be reimbursed, and the endeavours will be excellent, regardless of whether some actual issues are the cost to be paid for the reason. Be that as it may, this card reminds us to focus on our body as our natural sanctuary and give it enough rest and a solid daily schedule to clutch, so all the other things in our day-to-day existence would move in a more straightforward and lighter tone. If there should be an occurrence of genuine medical problems, the way to recovery is troublesome. However, the strength of life power wins however long we assume liability for ourselves.


Switched Ten of Wands is a conspicuous issue with the obligation that comes when we convey a lot of other’s load on our shoulders to convey our own appropriately. When set along these lines, it needs us to be capable towards ourselves, our internal identity, our heart, rather than keeping thumped trails and decides of conduct that we are relied upon to follow. We choose to focus on the errand or focus on our joy. On the off chance that the two don’t correspond, it very well may be ideal for liberating.


Past – Ten of Wands in the past perusing is here to help us to remember things we’ve experienced and the guarantees of rest we made when we were in the situation of profound sleepiness. It is a specific suggestion to be consistent with ourselves and give our body what it needs since the hour of battle is clearly behind us. We are to relinquish the past and things that don’t have a place in the history. It is a karmic obligation reimbursed and something essential we completed determined, daring, and mindful of our capacities.

Present: What an individual necessity with this card in a current setting is to be glad for their achievements and the set of experiences that drove them to this point on the schedule. They are needed to be solid and seek after the objective group there presumably for quite a long time, which requires an unmistakable heart and their solidarity of will set up. There is no space for self-question, for there could be no different choices except for suffering and dealing with our difficulties directly. Until the cycle, the undertaking or relationship in our lives is done with a total separation, and our prizes are gathered.

Future: Anyone with this card in their future perusing should be cautious about what they pick today. It gives a note of reality to any inquiry posed and any choices that should be made and show that what we are thinking about is not the slightest bit little or superfluous as we would assume. This card comes into our future as an image of obligation and commitment to inquire as to whether we wish for something that a lot to go through any problematic situation to get it.